ITALY · RAI + EBU · 2022


This year’s Eurovision Contest’s slogan is The Sound of Beauty. Our studio was in charge of bringing this concept to life.

“One of the most highly anticipated aspects of any Eurovision Song Contest is the visual identity and how that ties in with the Host City and the show they want to deliver”, Eurovision’s official website explains.

We created all the motion graphics, on-air, off-air, digital and social media pieces that you probably already have seen on your television set, your mobile… or it you’re lucky, walking down the streets of Torino.

Our main inspiration to create the Sound of Beauty brand system were cymatics, that are the geometric shapes that visually represent sound.
The term was coined in the 1960s by Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist and philosopher, 
derived from the ancient Greek word κῦμα (kyma), which means wave.
His experiments showed that if fine powders were placed on a sheet 
of metal and acoustic wave vibrations were applied to them, these particles were organised into specific patterns.

The very symmetrical Giardini all’Italiana, the Sun, always shinning over us, the Italian flag color palette (faded, of course), and the iconic Italian posters from the golden design era —at the beginning of the 20th century— were added to the mix to create a entirely new brand system, a delicate balance of complexity and simplicity, art and science, just like Eurovision, a brand identity so quintessentially Italian that it almost feels that it was the only one possible.





RAI Italia

Creative direction, art direction & graphic production

Flopicco Studio
Inhouse Team

Florencia Picco, Fernando Vallejos, Natalia Bellagio, 

Pablo Camino,Alejandro Guatelli, Martín Polech & Ana Laya

In colaboration with
Emiliano Agnetti

Francesco Canovaro for Zetafonts

Developed by a design team including Mario De Libero, Andrea Tartarelli and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini