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🖤 Studio Update 1: A brand new home of our projects!

After many years, we have finally dedicated time and love to our website—the home of our beloved projects. It is not only the heart of our studio but also the place where we share with you who we are and the things we believe in.

Want to take a close look? We are waiting for you! 🥳🥳🥳





🤔 Food for thought: Is Adobe becoming the frenemy of creatives?

The mantra for Adobe so far has been: “We’re making the boring bits of your work easier so you can concentrate on being creative”. But this year, things felt a little different. Because video editing news aside, almost all the big announcements this year were about generative AI. So there’s less of a focus on helping creatives, instead delivering something that could, well, ultimately replace them.

Read the article on Creative Boom.


🪅 Down With Efficiency! (When We Get Around to It)

It would be simple enough to argue that the most direct path is the best one, but humanity doesn’t really work like that. As a species, we learn by doing — and often enough, we find joy in it. Taking the time to master a skill, to understand a process or to have a conversation — even if it isn’t quite as fast — is consistently more rewarding than simply having something done for you. Efficiency-focused single-mindedness might make things faster, but it is a thief of life’s joys.

Read Parker Richards’s interesting op-ed in The New York Times.



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