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Welcome to the 15th edition of Flopicco Design Studio‘s monthly selection of news and trends on the present and future of branding, design, culture and our studio – curated by our in-house team and inspired by the clear blue skies of spring.

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💙 Studio Update 1: From Cinemas to Max

Max is the brand that brings together several entertainment titans: HBO, Warner Bros., Discovery, DC and Wizarding World. Its logo, which has gradually replaced HBO-Max in the different markets where the streaming platform is present, combines the HBO bull’s-eye and the Warner Bros. curves in a modern yet timeless design, according to its creators. In the case of Latin America, for the big launch in March 2024, they needed to adapt their popular movie premiere space From Cinemas to HBO-Max to the new design system. That was our challenge, creating the new From Cinemas to Max.

Want to know more, full case right here.


🫧 Studio Update 2: Versalis Brand System

Along with TBWA \ Italia, Flopicco Studio was responsible for the Eni branding system and the Plenitude, Enilive and Versalis brands. This time we present the Versalis branding system.

Versalis is the chemical and biochemical research and development brand of the Eni group. It is dedicated to innovating products, and its vectors are sustainability and safety.

You can read more, here.

📍 Food for thought: Why brands should think like place-makers

As brands fight for attention, relevance and creative cut-through online, ‘place’ can be a powerful domain for making meaningful and lasting relationships with audiences. Defined by urbanists and anthropologists as ‘space with meaning’, place has been a powerful part of every culture throughout history. It’s where public life is played out. A place can vary in size but it’s always experienced at a human scale, smaller than a city and embedded within a neighbourhood.

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