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Welcome to the 7th edition of Flopicco Design Studio’s monthly selection of news and trends on the present and future of branding, design, culture and our studio — curated by our in-house team.

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🚨🔥 Studio Update: Here’s Our 2023 Showreel (Caution HOT)

Here’s our most recent showreel. This is our manifesto and also our way of saying that we are extremely proud of the brands we have had the opportunity to work with and the extraordinary collaborators who have joined us on this beautiful journey. 

Have a look and let us know what do you think 🖤


🏢 Branding a city: What makes a successful design?

There’s a lot to juggle when creating a city’s visual identity – ideas, people, history, expectations. In this very interesting It’s Nice That article the designers behind the brands talk us through their approaches and strategies.


📉 Branding for a Post-growth Society: What We Need Now Is Degrowth

Can we imagine a brand that only wants to sell enough, that prefers to keep its commitment to sustainability rather than boast double-digit growth? Can we imagine that decision to be rewarded?Interesting article by Irene Gil in Brandingmag.



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