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🎉 A festive studio update: Sky 20 Anni

Sky Italia turned twenty years old and to celebrate this anniversary it organized a unique event: two days dedicated to current events, entertainment, sport and social commitment. Our studio was in charge of giving a festive identity to this event that also maintained the personality of Sky Italia and worked harmoniously with all the channels of the group.

We used two thematic approaches: to remember and honor Sky Italia’s 20 years and to turn this moment into a celebration that always looks to the future. This translated into a visual approach that combined both: The timeline lines become confetti and move forward into a bright, vibrant and colorful future. Sky 20 Anni: A historic cultural event that was celebrated in style with a highly versatile, flexible and joyful visual package.

Have a closer look to the project here.

🪩 The TikTok challenge — How AI art won social media

“In some ways, AI is to the 21st century what the camera was to the 20th: a shiny new tool that enables hitherto impossible creations. And like photography, AI-generated art is a major draw on TikTok and other social platforms, where followers are flocking to see novel prompts brought to life. But with issues of artistic consent and misinformation looming, there are important risks to be considered, too. Neelam Tailor speaks to some of the artists at the forefront of TikTok’s AI art scene to discuss the controversies and possibilities the new medium presents”. Read this interesting piece on WePresent

🖋 Barbie, we’re looking at you: The best cursive logos

Cursive logos aren’t the most popular approach in logo design these days. The cursive, handwriting-style, can be more difficult to read than a clean sans serif or even serif typeface. However, the best cursive logos around tend to be timeless, continuing to work well years and even decades after they were designed.

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