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Welcome to the 10th edition of Flopicco Design Studio’s monthly selection of news and trends on the present and future of branding, design, culture and our studio — curated by our in-house team.

Many consider the start of September as the real beginning of the year, so we will try to ignite your curiosity and enthusiasm. Please enjoy and let us know what you think!


📽🌈 An Enlightened Studio Update: Rai Play

Flopicco Studio was commissioned to rebrand Rai’s streaming system: Rai Play. They wanted a visual approach that speak of the legacy and elegance and of modernity and the comfort of streaming from home. A brand that reflected Rai’s distinctive attributes with a touch of innovation.

Playing with lights and textures that evoque both digital and physical supports, right there in the intersection of mediums, languages, supports, color temperatures, that was our focus while ideating, designing and animating this distinctive -yet familiar- brand identity for Rai Play, Rai’s streaming service.

More details right here.


🦕 Inspiration: Natural History Museum’s New Image

Britain’s Natural History Museum is a popular visitor centre, but as it approached its 150th birthday, it wanted to be more than that: an identity to engage existing and new audiences in everything it does, from research to entertainment, education and activism. We really liked the result.

In this article Pentagram‘s Marina Willer and Nomad‘s Stuart Watson explain how they helped them realise their new vision.

Read on Creative Boom.


📠 A reflection about: Office Space

Right now, in Manhattan, 18% of office space is vacant. At the same time, the city of New York has a major housing problem, with more than 100,000 people using the municipal shelter system. So Eric Adams and city officials are talking a lot about taking those empty offices, and filling them with people. New York is not the only big city where this is happening. There’s talk of office to housing conversions in Chicago, LA, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Toronto, and … actually pretty much every big city in North America. Office to housing conversions are a hot idea right now. They’ve always been a favorite hobby horse for urbanists, but after the pandemic, it’s an idea that’s hit the mainstream.

Listen to this very interesting 99 Percent Invisible podcast.



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