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Medici Brand System



Medici: Masters of Florence is a historic drama produced by Italian companies LUX VIDE and RAI Fiction in collaboration with Big Light Productions. Starred by Dustin Hoffman, Richard Madden and Brian Cox, the series was broadcasted in 190 countries worldwide and is currently included on Netflix in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and India.

For the premiere of this show we created a brand system and developed creative work for promotion and product communication. It included everything from the logo and teaser production to key arts for on-air, off-air and sales.

Our goal was to capture a feeling of global appeal, elevating the production standards of the series to a level notably surpassing the typical standard of Italian television. The visual task revolved around communicating the rich historical essence of the series, creating an ambiance that fuses an epic family saga with elements of imaginative storytelling: enigma, homicide, and fervor within the illustrious court of the Medici family, set in the heart of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance.




Riccardo Russo, Lux Vide

Creative direction, art direction & graphic production

Flopicco Studio

Inhouse Team

Florencia Picco, Fernando Vallejos, Antonio Magliocco, Pablo Camino, 

Marco Salemi, Luis Paris, Chiara Calscibetta