ITALY  ·  FLOPICCO  STUDIO  ·  2022/23



The client
Kartoon Channel is a channel and a production company that airs and generates content for kids aged 2-10. Available everywhere through major cable/sarellite providers and OTT platforms, Kartoon Channel aims to become the home of “the very best in kids entertainment” and a family destination delivering enduring childhood moments of humor, adventure and discovery.

The challenge
Flopicco Design Studio was on charge of the on air and Off Air rebranding ok Kartoon Channel. We were asked to focus on the 5-9 years bracket and to incorporate slapstick comedy elements into the graphics and animation style but also considering their new positioning as smart and meaningful fun for kids destination. Institutional elements to be included in the image: their color palette and their PiePie font.

The Flopicco Studio Approach
The Kartoon Channel logo was deconstructed into basi graphic elements (explotions, clouds, letters and stars), and along with some other miscellaneous, we created new compositions. They also informed the animation styles. As for the palette, we incorporated the teal color to balance the warm institutional tones. We developed a full On-Air toolkit (including idents, promo pack, bug, continuity pieces and bumpers) and a Print and Digital Toolkit that includes a set of customizable keyarts. Everything was explained in detail in a Brandbook.



Kartoon Channel

Creative direction, art direction & graphic production

Flopicco Studio

Inhouse Team

Florencia Picco, Fernando Vallejos, Natalia Bellagio, Alejandro Guatelli,
Pablo Camino, Martín Polech, Emiliano Agnetti, Leandro Nicolosi, Pia Rossi,
Soledad Basigalup, Matias Pastorini y Ana Laya.

With the collaboration of
Macarena Lateülade, Esteban Ibarra, Martín Tibabuzo, Julieta Alessio y Neo DG.