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A FREEMANTLE MEDIA production for RAI 2, Nemo is a news show hosted by Enrico Lucci and Valentina Petrini.

We created the logo and all graphic elements for this show, working from the tagline “Nobody is excluded”: a way to represent the multiplicity of voices that draw the viewer into an immersive experience, giving voice to all points of view, including those of comedians, writers, public figures and ordinary people.

This multiplicity of voices that make up the Nemo choir is represented by colored particles that move in different animations, populating both the on-air elements and the study itself.



Freemantle Media

Creative direction, art direction & graphic production

Flopicco Studio

Inhouse Team

Florencia Picco, Fernando Vallejos, Pablo Camino

With the Collaboration of

Naranja y Canela, Tercer Espacio