Time passes. It always does. Spring is finally here, but it’s almost summer. That’s why we bring you a series of refreshing articles where creativity and originality shine. 
Inspiration, creativity and innovation: Welcome to the 15th edition of our Studio’s monthly selection of news and trends. This time the inspiration is the clear blue sky of this undecided spring. 
In our latest newsletter, we share three exciting studio updates, including a rather spring-like one 🌱 We also bring a series of articles that we hope you will find interesting. We look forward to your comments, we read you. Happy spring! 🌸 
This beginning of the year has been frankly exciting in our studio (which just a week ago turned 9 years old!) Our fingers are crossed for 2024 to continue to be as challenging, lively and rewarding as these past couple of months. 
Welcome to Sanremo 2024 week! We are excited because this week will take place the most relevant musical event in Italy and Flopicco Design Studio will be present in more places than you can imagine. 
New year, new beginnings! 🙌✨ Welcome to our first newsletter of 2024.  
Sanremo Giovani 2023 is scheduled for December 19th, and the eight finalists have been announced. This means that our branding has already made its debut. 
A brand new home: Welcome to the 10th edition of our studio’s monthly selection of news and trends on the present and future of branding. 
In this Awards Season 2023 we’ve shortlisted for the ADCI Awards 2023 and part of the team of TBWA\Italy that won Gold at the Effie Awards. 
Let’s Play: Many consider the start of September as the real beginning of the year, so in this newsletter we will try to ignite your curiosity and enthusiasm. 
Confetti, AI, TikTok… we are ready for the summer! In this edition of our newsletter we come bearing fresh and summery articles 
Caution Hot: Our 2023 Showreel is out and about. Come have a look! 🔥🔥🔥