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When FOX Entertainment, a really iconic cable TV channel in Latin America was due to turned into Star Channel, an unknown brand name in the region but a successful one in Asia, we were called to ideate and execute this intricate image transition.

Flopicco then created transition/countdown pieces, IDs, menus and all the bits and bobs necessary to air, as if from scratch, this new family of channels and make them relatable, memorable and, most of all, as beloved as Fox Entertainment was in the region.

When starting this process we had two goals clearly specified on the brief:

– Make it easy for the audience to understand the transition from FOX to Star and make the transition as smooth and logical as possible. For this we created various transition pieces.

Make Star stand and shine on its own as the great brand it is in Asia but having its own Latin American personality. This is why we used the institutional colors for the main two channels (Fox Entertainment and Fox Life) and we used the logo as the basis of the motion system.


We created two separate toolkits, one generic, using the global brand colours and a second one to create a different emphasis on the channel’s thematic spaces: cinema, megaweekend, fun, action and prime.


In the IDs we created -that you have probable already seen on your TV screen- it is easy to understand how we played along with the diagonals in the logo and with the gradients to create a distinctive, elegant yet playful, motion identity.

When adding the light pop/happy music to the mixture you get a channel that is elegant but playful and inspirational that even if you don’t know it will intrigue you.


These family of channels need all the different pieces and the customizable templates that make a channel a channel: menus, endpages, bugs, low bars, bumpers, ad-sales material. Here you can see two small samples: one using the generic toolkit and one using the thematic one.

Our tools were used also to create all the social media content they needed, from covers to posts, stories, snaps and TikToks.


Stationary and merchandising are always ver necessary when creating a brand system, but in this case as the transition from one brand property to another one was massive, the off-air elements such as banners, posters and billboards were also very important and they occupy a lot of the public space of Latin American streets during the pre-campaign.



Star Channel

Creative direction, art direction & graphic production

Flopicco Studio

Inhouse Team

Florencia Picco, Fernando Vallejos, Natalia Español, Pablo Camino,
Alejandro Guatelli, Martín Polech, Natalia Bellagio.

With the Collaboration of

HUP Studio, Neo DG, Tercer Espacio, Pia Rossi, Matias Pastorini, Marcelo Hsu & Emiliano Agnetti.