The 6 Nations tournament is an event with a lot of history, it was first played in 1883 as the Home Nations Championship among the four Home Nations — England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The tournament then became the Five Nations Championship in 1910 with the addition of France and just recently in the year 2000 became the Six Nations Championship with the addition of Italy.
Rugby is not a game you play only with your hands and feet, but also with your head and your heart… whether you’re out there on the field running or watching the match and about to have a heart attack at the stadium or in front of your TV. 
We wanted to give this campaign the simplicity and boldness of the DMAX visual language and rhythm (in this case the beat of an accelerating heart) but we varied the basic colour palette to play with the range of meanings attached to black and white, that both reflect the tradition that this tournament represent and its peculiar flare, after all, Rugby is as rough as it is sophisticated. Textures convey the harshness, whilst the colour deliver a touch of distinctiveness.

The project included the ideation, design and production of the entire graphic package of the DMAX 6Nation Campaign and the structure, design and animation of the teasers that aired during the tournament.



Chiara Cerutti, DMAX / DISCOVERY

Creative direction, art direction & graphic production

Flopicco Studio

Inhouse Team

Florencia Picco, Fernando Vallejos, Pablo Camino, Elia Iandolo, Alejandro Guatelli, Romina Giarrizzo